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Consumer Affairs


BoatUS Consumer Affairs provides information to boat buyers, sellers and owners, and operates a salvage arbitration program.

Boat Buying & Selling Advice

Before buying or selling a boat, be sure to review our Buying & Selling advice to help ensure a seamless purchase or sale. BoatUS encourages both parties to use these two forms when purchasing or selling a boat.

Complaint Template 

If you are having a problem with a boat manufacturer, dealer, repair facility or other marine-related business, we recommend filing a written complaint with the company, outlining your concerns, what steps have been taken to remedy the situation and what you believe would be a fair resolution.

BoatUS offers this sample complaint template that can be used.

Salvage Arbitration

BoatUS conducts a Salvage Arbitration Plan as a low cost, time efficient, equitable dispute resolution system for the recreational boating community. It is structured in a manner that strives to provide the parties with an objective, unbiased legally supportable outcome. When a salvage billing dispute arises and negotiations fail, either party may request an Arbitration Panel be convened. Upon mutual agreement to use this Plan, the parties are legally bound by the decision of the Arbitration Panel. Each party presents its case in writing. No in-person testimony is used. Each party has the opportunity to submit a written rebuttal to the case presented by the opposing side. The Arbitration Panel reviews the cases and decides a fair and reasonable settlement. The parties are sent a copy of the Award that includes the settlement amount and an explanation of the decision. BoatUS also has a sample salvage contract available for boaters to us.