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Lithium Battery Evolution

The upfront cost of today’s lithium batteries can quickly turn into a bad investment should a terminal break. Norsk Lithium has a solution.

Green Norsk Lithium battery being installed on a boat by an adult male.

Modern lithium LiFePO4 batteries offer some fantastic advantages over old-school batteries, and in many cases can double your power capacity – while halving the weight. But one big weakness they all share is you can’t fix them if something goes wrong because their sealed cases are meant to be closed forever after the battery is built. A broken terminal means a $1,000 battery headed to the landfill.

Not so with the UL-certified Norsk Lithium, which says its batteries are set apart from the crowd by their new serviceable cases. By removing a few fasteners, Norsk’s technicians can open the casing and replace items like terminals, battery management module, or temperature probes. An integrated waterproof gasket is the key, Norsk says.

Green Norsk Lithium battery being installed on a boat by an adult male.

Additionally, the ability to service the batteries means techs can upgrade them in the future as technology advances. With lithium-ion prismatic cells increasingly capable of lasting through 4,000-plus cycles (we’re talking about a battery lasting 10 years), there’s a strong likelihood that battery designs and chemistries will advance significantly long before the battery gives out. So the ability to upgrade rather than replace the battery could save consumers money in the long run. And it’s a smart design evolution by the manufacturer. LiFePO4 batteries are much more expensive than lead-acid boat batteries, so it makes sense to design them as repairable rather than disposing of them when there’s a problem. Take a closer look.

Lithium Battery Evolution

Norsk says an added advantage of these new cases is they’re also designed them to improve the battery’s longevity. Airflow between the cells is improved to allow for better temperature regulation, and the internal plastic rack is designed to reduce vibration. Price varies by battery, but a 100 amp-hour 12-volt deep cycle MSRP is around $899.99 at the time of publication.

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