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Express Joystick System: Turn Your Boat On A Dime

It turns out you can teach an old boat new tricks. Retrofit your old straight-shaft cruiser for modern joystick maneuvering.

Express Joystick with arrow showing direction and a powerboat cruising on the water in the background

Twin Disc has a new joystick with dynamic positioning in the form of the Express Joystick System (with Express Positioning) for inboard shaft-driven boats. The Express system integrates inboard powerplant transmissions with (ABT-TRAC TRAC-Link and Side-Power S-Link) hydraulic thrusters and GPS to provide slow-speed fingertip maneuvering or hold- stationary position and heading at the press of a button without creating excessive heat or wear in the transmissions.

Even if that's not your boat, check out thus slick and informative video showcasing the system.

Express Joystick System and Express Positioning by Twin Disc

Compatible with single and twin-engine boats with bow or bow and stern thrusters, the Express Positioning system can be retrofitted to existing Express Joystick rigs and includes a full-color display with graphics of vessel position, system status, and operational parameters.

Express Joystick closeup of product on white background

According to Twin Disc, the system is robust enough to work in high-current and wind situations. Price varies by installation |

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