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KVH TracNet H30: Avoid Communication Breakdowns

The KVH TracNet H30 leverages intelligent, automatic network switching to deliver the best communication options at all times, in all sea states.

Laptop computer and mobile with TracNet channel mangement app on both screens

How we boaters communicate on the water and at the docks has changed so much so fast that our smart devices may not seem so smart when trying to find the best connection. The Wi-Fi at the marina may not work on a mooring, and your cellphones are of no use just a few miles from shore. This can be especially troublesome to boaters who work remotely from on board their vessel.

Satellite technology specialist KVH solves this problem with its new KVH ONE Hybrid Network, which features TracNet Terminals that integrated satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi technology with intelligent, automatic switching to keep boats connected to the best available communication option.

Product photo, KVH TracNet H30 satellite dome

"Our KVH ONE network seeks out not simply the cheapest connection, but the best quality connection," Chris Watson, senior director of marketing for KVH Industries, explained to BoatUS Magazine at this year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. "Most systems keep banging away trying to connect to the same signals, leading to frustration, but KVH ONE automatically switches to the best connectivity option based on cost, data quality, and more."

TracNet H30, the smallest of the three dome systems at 37 centimeters (14.6 inches) diameter, and weighing just shy of 25 pounds, is designed for boats 30 feet and bigger.

Take a look at how KVH's "Intelligent Hybrid Switching" works.

KVH offers several airtime options for boaters to choose the plan best suited to their needs, with flexible monthly, or usage-based plans.

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