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Garmin brings innovative live-scanning sonar technology to coastal and open-water fishing with the new LiveScope system.

Garmin's LiveScope XR with live sonar scanning technology

Freshwater anglers have been going gaga over Garmin’s LiveScope system, which provides real-time imagery of the fish around your boat in utterly shocking detail, for a couple of years now. Now, however, coastal and open water fishermen can get into the game with LiveScope XR.

“You’ve never seen real-time images of fish and structure at distances and depths like this,” says Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “LiveScope XR offers significant range performance without sacrificing image clarity and resolution.” See for yourself:

Designed for use in the brine as well as for longer distances in open freshwater environments, the XR version can extend range out to 350 feet in saltwater and 500 feet in freshwater. It can also provide close and long ranges simultaneously. The XR system comes with a GLS 10 black box, LVS62 transducer, and transducer mounting kit. The LVS62 can be added to existing systems for an upgrade (with a free software update). $2,999.99 |

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