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No Fear of Flying

The Foiler is a ‘flying’ runabout that uses foiling technology to lift the hull out of the water, making for a unique, weightless ride at 45 mph.

Sure, it's an expensive toy for the megayacht crowd, but even if we can't afford one, the Foiler is one very cool runabout. Four hydrofoils (like wings in the water) lift the 32-foot Foiler hull 5 feet above the waves as soon as it reaches a speed of 20 mph, with an effortless and smooth take-off and landing. Since there's no hull slap, the ride is smooth and quiet.

Even cooler is a forward cockpit in the open bow with a revolutionary joystick that allows the skipper to steer the boat from the bow. Pushing forward or pulling back on the joystick adjusts the speed from a standstill up to 40 knots. Tilting to either side controls the steering. The Foiler, built by Enata Marine in the United Arab Emirates, is powered by twin V8 marine diesel engines, providing 740 hp. MSRP is $850,000.

Rich Armstrong

The New Jersey shore and lakes of lower New York defined Rich's childhood. But when he bought a 21-foot Four Winns deck boat and introduced his young family to the Connecticut River, his love for the world of boats flourished over the years from there. A journalist by training, he worked in TV news and at several newspapers before combining his passions for 18 years at the boating publications Soundings and Soundings Trade Only, where as Managing Editor he reported on everything from boat and product innovation, to compelling feature stories, and built his reputation in the marine industry as one of the most thorough reporters in our business.