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Cooperating Group Program

Save your club members money on their BoatUS Memberships!  BoatUS has a special partnership program for yacht clubs and other boating and fishing organizations where BoatUS will offer $15 BoatUS Membership dues and 10% off on-the-water towing services to club members at no cost.  All we ask is that you promote BoatUS at your club events and in your club communications.

Interested in joining? Email today to get started. Each organization is asked to renew their partnership each year by updating their information and providing us with the contact information for a club leader who will be BoatUS's point of contact. Participating organizations can also update the information on file with BoatUS at anytime. Renew and update your club's information by emailing


Use the materials below to make your group members aware of your affiliation with BoatUS!

  • BoatUS Logos

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  • Web Banner

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  • Flyers

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PowerPoint Presentation

Download a PowerPoint presentation that can be shared with the club at your next membership meeting.

Have Questions? Contact Membership Services at 800-395-2628 or email us at



Each participating organization will receive a unique source code that their members can provide when joining BoatUS or renewing their Membership to receive $15 Membership dues, plus 10% off on-the-water towing services.


BoatUS has put together a selection of useful boating themed articles that you can use free of charge in your newsletters or other club correspondence. If you do use an article, please be sure to use the exact title and author's name along with the following paragraph at the end of the article.

This article has been reprinted from BoatUS Magazine, the flagship publication of BoatUS, the nation's largest association of boaters, for boaters. For 50-plus years, BoatUS has provided the highest-quality boating, insurance, and towing services; member savings on gear, marinas, fuel, and travel; and has been a leading advocate fighting to protect boaters from unfair taxes and regulations. For more info on membership:

Spring Boat Commissioning

By Frank Lanier, BoatUS Magazine
Just in time for the start of the season.

How To Safely Fuel A Boat

By Susan Shingledecker, BoatUS Magazine
This refresher explains how to avoid common mistakes during a routine process.

Avoid That Sinking Feeling

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Here are 8 telltale signs that a used boat could be a storm-damaged lemon.

Advocating For Our Members

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Your BoatUS membership offers an invaluable service you might not be aware of — until you need it.

Avoid Electric Shock Drowning

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Knowing where the dangers are and how to check for leaking AC electricity in the water could be a lifesaver.

Boating Blogs Worth Following

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A few stand-out boating blogs on the web.

Easy LED Lighting Upgrade

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Now might be the time to consider an upgrade to LED lighting.

How To Stop A Boat From Sinking

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Quick action can keep your boat afloat in an emergency.

The Proper Way To Fill A Fuel Tank

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Some tricks to keeping fuel in the tank and out of the water.

Safety Warnings And Alerts

By BoatUS Marine Insurance, BoatUS Magazine
Useful warnings and safety tips for a variety of issues.

Building Up America's Boat Clubs

By Troy Gilbert and Bernadette Bernon, BoatUS Magazine
How boat clubs successfully bring individuals and families together.

Nautical Terminology

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Some good reasons why it's important to use the right words aboard a boat.

How To Splice Three-Strand Rope

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We show you how to master the art of splicing rope in a few easy steps.

Setting Up A VHF Radio With Digital Selective Calling

By Mark Corke, BoatUS Magazine
Setting up your VHF radio with digital selective calling is simple, and maybe lifesaving.

Knot Too Shabby

By Mark Corke, BoatUS Magazine
Knowing how to tie a few knots is an essential skill that anyone can learn.

Bleeding A Marine Diesel Engine

By Mark Corke, BoatUS Magazine
To rely on a diesel inboard, and to help you get to know your engine better, put this skill in your mental toolbox.

Smarter Anchoring

By Bob Adriance, BoatUS Magazine
Following a few simple rules will make it much easier to rest at night.

Rules-Of-The-Road Refresher For Boaters

By BoatUS Magazine Editorial Staff
Here are some rules that will help you avoid a collision.

Trim Tab Basics

By Michael Vatalaro, BoatUS Magazine
Knowing how trim tabs work is the first step to smoothing out your ride.

Bilge Pump Capacity: Do The Math

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Just how much water can your bilge pump move?

Your Boat Engine's Chillin'

By Beth A. Leonard, BoatUS Magazine
How to winterize your engine or risk missing next year's boating season.

Financing Your Dream Boat

By Ann Dermody, BoatUS Magazine
Find a golden opportunity to buy the boat you've always wanted.

Anchoring And Docking

By BoatUS Magazine Editorial Staff
Sooner or later we all have to stop the boat. Here's how.